Patricia Theresa Flynn currently is serving her third-term as Village of Crestwood Trustee in the SW suburbs. Flynn entered public service as a new, only female candidate during a clean water scandal. After her first term, public service on this local level brought great satisfaction and she continues to act as the legislative branch for residents and businesses, setting policies and practices, developing major land projects to include MWRD properties and infrastructure issues.

Flynn, along with a cohesive Board and Mayor, produce an annual balanced budget to include a surplus rebated back to residents. She has expanded her role as sitting Trustee to Co-Chair a Fine Arts Council and is a member of the Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza Advisory Collection, is a former Director of Chicago Gaelic Park and lifelong volunteer at Gaelic Park; supporting Irish culture and sport. Flynn has history with the MWRD, from high school summers working at the main office, to full time in MWRD Calumet Plant Lab and as a Pollution Control Water Sampler. Patricia can be reached at